Selma, Al 36701, USA

Why Advertise?

The Heart Mind and Soul of the Blackbelt

Z105.3 is the Number one station in the nation, and is known throughout the diaspora as the heart, mind and soul the Black Belt. We broadcast in over 16 counties of Alabama, and parts of Florida as well as parts of Mississippi. We have over half a million listeners waiting to hear a multidimensional selection of music across genres, as well as empowering words from illustrious civil rights activists and leaders from the historic city of Selma, Alabama.

Call us or email us @ (334) 872- 2177 or for ads on our website or commercial advertising on our radio station. Our listeners are highly motivated by the up-to-date, uncensored and uncompromised news that our station provides. Many of our listeners call in to tell us that they listen day and night, and they encourage others to listen to Z105.3FM radio, and to “take off the knob and throw it away.” We have listeners spanning across religious, cultural, political, social and economic backgrounds. We are always on the leading edge of producing change.

What others have said about Z105.3:
“I listen to your radio station constantly! I can’t wait to hear what positive words Bishop Fortier has to say on “A Public Conversation.”

“Thank you so much for the education, enlightenment and culture that you all have brought to our lives.”

“You’ve given us insight that have made us more successful!”

“Everyone should listen to Z105.3, take off the knob and throw it away!”