Selma, Al 36701, USA

We Are

The Heart Mind and Soul of the Blackbelt

 Unlike other radio stations that are owned by corporations which standardizeprogramming,

our station showcases an empowering community format. 

The Heart Mind & Soul of the Black Belt

He worked in tandem with two other principalsand partners in his law practice for well over 30 years to empower thecommunity both in the courts and on the radio. Today, his colleagues, Attorney Faya Rose Toure’ originally known asRose Sanders and Alabama State Senator Hank Sanders, continue to educate,empower, and instruct our many listeners.


This factor coupled with the talented and entertaining jocks on Z105.3always make programming on the station extremely popular.


We cover the gamut of the spiritual,political, and moral issues that impact our daily lives.


Z105.3 focuses on the growth and development of the black community. Unlike other radiostations that are owned by corporations that standardize programming, our station creates a format for our community.