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Umbufu your transformation is nigh!

The Heart Mind and Soul of the Blackbelt

Umbufu your transformation is nigh!

To some extent we are all just a little silly.  To some extent we, as African’s throughout the diaspora, are a bit naïve.  To some extent, we are gullible.  We have all been there at different levels.  However, we are uniquely made with tremendous capacity.  Since it is almost indistinguishable to separate us even when we are “accomplished” we remain gullible and ironically imbued with great power.  In this respect, the contrast between the gullible and the powerful, we are all Umbufu.

Umbufu is a spiritual name that means many things including Unity.  Umbufu is a name with a kaleidoscope of color and intrigue.  With this divergence in this name, Umbufu creates divergence of human behavior and accomplishment.  On a fundamental basis the relationship each of us have with the name is progressive.  At the early stages, we are beckoned by the single syllable of Umbufu.  Said quickly, the name evokes a level of under-achievement and error.  As we grow in Black love and self-respect, the name represents the latent potential of quasi-mastery.  Calling the name as a reflection of this stage of development, means the assent to higher personal abilities and is expressed with as much intrigue Umbufuuuu.

The more we experience the call of consciousness of Black love on the second level we become proficient in the name and are considered learned until we reach the 3rd level of love reality in the name pronounced in multisyllabic expression Unbufoooooooooo!  This rings in the ears as a definitive, I am Umbufu.  Heard in this sense, one has arrived.

Which Umbufu classification do you represent?  Let’s create the latent discovery together on a Public Conversation.  Call me on the show on Friday between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. CST at 334-872-7004 Umbufu.  Let’s talk and change the world!